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Similarities Between Creon And Antigone Essay, Research Paper The Similarities Between Creon and Antigone “Ah Creon! Is there no man left in the world-” Teirsesias Greek theatre played a large role in Greece. The citizens were supposed to learn from the mistakes made in tragedies. The citizens should have learned what not to be like […]

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Antigone Gender Conflict Essay, Research Paper In the play Antigone there are many references that link to the oppression of women. Creon made many convictions insulting womenkind. His convictions seemed true to a large population of men. I believe the majority of men, in the ancient Greek times believed in the undeniable domination of women. […]

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Antigone Essay, Research Paper Often in plays, there are conflicting issues. This is what creates the storyline, or plot. Usually, each play has an antagonist and a protagonist. A protagonist is the main driving force in the play, whereas the antagonist the force that goes against the protagonist. Deciding who is the protagonist and who […]

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Antigone: Divine Law Vs. Human Law Essay, Research Paper Antigone: Divine Law vs. Human Law The play entitled Antigone was written by a man named Sophocles, a scholarly author of philosophy and logic. The play Antigone is probably one of the most prominent interpretations of a tragic drama. The two main characters of the play […]

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Antigone Greek Ideals Essay, Research Paper Antigone – Analysis of Greek Ideals In Ancient Greece, new ideals surfaced as answers to life’s complicated questions. These new beliefs were centered around the expanding field of science. Man was focused on more than the Gods or heavenly concerns. A government that was ruled by the people was […]

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Medea Vs. Antigone Essay, Research Paper Medea vs. Antigone The two Greek plays, Medea and Antigone both exhibit opening scenes that serve numerous purposes. Such as establishing loyalties, undermining assumptions on the part of the audience, foreshadowing the rest of the play, and outlining all of the issues. Medea and Antigone share many similarities in […]

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Antigone: A Greek Tragedy Essay, Research Paper Antigone: A Greek Tragedy The play Antigone is often thought to be a Greek tragedy because each of the tragic heroes is neither extremely good or bad, their fortunes change from good to bad, their misfortunes do not result from their own wrong doings, and they arouse pity […]

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Antigone As Drama Essay, Research Paper Antigone, is the drama written by Sohpocles. There is still a great debate on who is the true tragic hero in Sophocles’ Antigone, Creon or Antigone. Many people believes that it must be Antigone, herself. This is because Antigone is an outstanding example of someone who did what she […]

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A Glimpse Of Greek Justice In Antigone Essay, Research Paper In many respects, Sophocles explains the meaning of Greek justice in Antigone. On the surface, we see Antigone as a conflict between divine law and man’s law. Antigone is the believer in divine law and Creon is the believer in man’s law. Sophocles could have […]

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Antigone Essay, Research Paper Positive Law vs. Natural Law; Do what you believe is right; This is a phrase common to us all, this is the main focal point of in the play Antigone, written by Sophacles. But how does one define what is right? Is it what we believe in our hearts, or is […]