Beverly Harvard Biography

Beverly Harvard Biography

Beverly J. Harvard was born in 1950 in Macon, GA. She was the youngest child of the seven children. Raised in a small home from a humble family with little knowledge of criminology and police Ms. Harvard was determined to be a police officer. She graduated from Morris Brown College in the year 1972 with a degree in sociology. She later met her husband, Jim, in 1973 then she joined the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) National Academy (Chaney, 2015). Ms. Harvard was the mother to Christa, a six-year-old daughter at the time she was the acting chief.

She worked hard going through the challenges of working at the academy especially during the night shifts. However, she managed to work so hard something that earned her respect and recommendations from her peer and friends. Ms. Harvard gambled the police work, family life as well as graduate school. She later received her master’s in 1980 from Georgia State University. Ms. Harvard openly confessed that the job was somehow lonely as she was the only woman in the police department. In October 1994, Ms. Harvard made history in the department of the police force when Atlanta Mayor Bill Campbell named her Atlanta’s top cop at the age of 43 years. Ms. Harvard remained on the job until the year 2002 when she was appointed as the Security Director for the U.S Transportation Security Administration (TSA) (Ward & Greenwood, 2016). And in the year 2010, President Barack Obama named her a US Marshal for the Northern Direct of Georgia.

Accomplishes of Beverly J. Harvard

  1. Ms. Harvard became not only the first African-American but the first African woman to be the police chief in Atlanta State. Her efforts saw her move up the ranks to become the chief of police
  2. She got her degree at Morris Brown College and masters of science degree in Urban Government and Administration from Georgia State University.
  • She worked through the ranks regardless of the challenges she faced in her job to make it to the police department.
  1. Ms. Harvard was one of the few women in the US police departments
  2. She received an award of an outstanding Atlantan in 1983
  3. In 1985 she received an award of Woman of the year.
  • She was tight in her rein on Atlanta State during the Summer Olympic Games in the city in 1996 recognized by her bosses.
  • Harvard was a great professional and an active police leader for the years she served the police department in Atlanta State.
  1. Her efforts became recognized by President Obama in 2010. Obama named her a US Marshal for the Northern Direct of Georgia. The recognition was one of the greatest achievement made by Ms. Harvard in her profession.
  2. During her rein she ensured peace and security in the Atlanta State.
  3. She also served as an affirmative action expert, director of public concerns as well as assistant chief of police in three divisions which included the Career Development, Criminal Investigations and Administrative Services.




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