Chapter 11 Quest History

Grassy plains
Fertile or semi- dessert land becomes dessert,
Root language of west Africa on which some early African migration patterns are based.
Ancient kingdom in northeastern Africa also called Kush.
Largest desert in the world
An amount that is more than needed
Valuable product
Mansa Musa
The greatest ruler of the kingdom Mali
An east Africa culture, Bantu based language with Arabic.
How did desertification affect African cultures?
People migrated
How did the Bantu migration impact cultures in Africa?
Spread their skills in farming iron working and domesticating animals.
How did outsider people influence the cultures of the Nubia and North Africa?
They created rivalry
What are some uses for salt?
People’s diet building homes and for food.
How did the development of agriculture lead to trade?
Africa grew more than needed,
Why were gold and salt important for trade?
Used as durance it was valuable
How did Islam spread into and influence the 2 kingdoms of Ghana and Mali.
When Muslim merchants traded they introduced Islam.
What led to the decline of the Songhai
There emporer died and they went into civil war.
What was unique about the Hausa?
Many Hausa leaders were women , giant clay city state wall.
Why did easy African city states become important trading centers?
Center point between Asia and inlands of Africa
How did the Swahili language develop?
Combination of Arabic
How did the Bantu speakers influence the development of Great Zimbabwe?
They brought Iron, mining methods, and farming and building skills.

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