chapter 13 section 3 quiz 3/17

how were presidential electors to be selected in the framers plan?
they were to be selected in each state in a manner this the legislator directed.
Who makes up the electoral college?
people are chosen from each state and district of Columbia to formally select the president and vice president.
what does the electro college do?
it selects the president and vice president.
what changed the 12th amendment make in the presidential selection process?
it’s separated the presidential and vice presidential elections
how did party allegiances complicate the election of 1800?
this system broke down in 1800 because of the emergence of two well-defined parties, therefore they had a tie.
why are the framers against congressional selection of the president?
it would give Congress too much power over the president
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why were the framers against selection by popular vote of the president?
they believed it would lead to disorder and the people would not make the best decision, because they wouldn’t accurately know the candidate.
briefly explain the framers plan for selecting the president.
The electors were to act as free agents in choosing The people best qualified to fill the nations to highest offices.
why did the framers favor the plan of all of the electoral college?
they intend to be elected to be the most enlightened and respectful citizens.
what is the name of the group of people who choose a president vice president?
electoral college
what flaws in the framers’ plan revealed by the following elections?
in the election of 1796, there was the rise of political parties and the vice president and president were from opposite parties. in the election of 1800 there was a tie for the presidency.
what three new almonds did the election of 1800 introduce into the process of selecting a president?
party nominations for president and Vice President, nomination of candidates for presidential electors, and automatic casting of the electoral votes.
what change did the 12th amendment makes the electoral college system?
different presidential and vice presidential elections
how many electoral votes did each presidential elector cast?
The president and vice president were to be chosen by special body of what?
presidential electors
what caused the elect oral college system to fail on the election of 1800?
the rise of political parties
what amendment change the electro college by separating the presidential and vice presidential election?
The 12th amendment
what was the framers plan?
to have very smart electors to vote for president and vice president, they would act as free agents
what was the original electoral college function?
The president and vice resident were selected by Congress or buy a direct vote of the people.
what was a key element of the election of 1800?
The system broke down because Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr produce a time for presidency.
what did the 12th amendment do?
it’s made a change in the electoral college system and separated the vice presidential chill and presidential elections.

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