Chapter Notes for Huckleberry Finn Essay

Chapter 1
-Huck lives with the widow
-Runs away, Tom Sawyer brings him back
-Miss Watson and the widow tutor him
-Huck talks about how the money in the cave made them rich
-Kills the spider
-Runs off with Tom
Chapter 2
-Tom and Huck leave the house
-Jim hears them; falls asleep waiting for them
-Go to the cave; make Tom Sawyer’s group
-Become robbers; sign an oath in blood
-Go back home
Chapter 3
-Everyone quits the group
-They don’t rob or kill anyone
-Rob a Sunday school
-Tom Sawyer talks about genies
-Widow tells Huck about Providence
Chapter 4
-Huck knocks over a salt shaker; scared for his luck
-Sells his money to Judge Thatcher
-Jim tells him his future
Chapter 5
-Huck’s father comes back; demands Huck’s money and tells him to drop out of school
-Widow and Judge Thatcher try to get Huck away from his father
-New judge takes Huck’s dad in and makes him a new man
-Dad gets drunk, breaks his arm
Chapter 6
-Pap takes Huck across the Illinois border
-Live in a cabin; Huck has no way to escape
-Pap tries to kill Huck
Chapter 7
-Finds a canoe
-decides to finally run away
-leaves a trail so people will think he was killed
-takes everything from the cabin
-leaves in the canoe
-arrives @ Jackson Island
Chapter 8
-Huck finds Jim on the island
-Jim tells Huck how he ran away from Miss Watson
-Jim tells Huck about good luck and bad luck and how he used to be rich but lost all his money
Chapter 9
-find the cave
-Jim tells Huck about the ghost
-find the house floating in the water
-dead man
-take things from the house
Chapter 10
-Huck touches snake skin
-Leaves dead snake on Jim’s bed
-Snake’s mate bites Jim
-Jim sick for a few days; gets better
-Huck dresses up as a girl and goes to town
Chapter 11
-Huck goes to a woman’s house
-Pretends he’s a girl
-Woman tells him her husband is going to Jackson Island to look for Jim
-Realizes he’s not a girl
-helps him
-Huck goes back to the island; he and Jim leave
Chapter 12
-Huck and Jim leave the island
-find wrecked boat
-Huck learns that the people on the boat are murderers
-Huck and Jim’s raft floats away, trapped on the boat
Chapter 13
-get trapped on the wreck
-steal the skiff
-Huck tells the watchman about the murderers on the wreck
-Jim and Huck rest on an island
Chapter 14
-Huck and Jim hide
-Huck talks about kings
-Discuss Soloman and his “million wives”
-Argue about different languages
Chapter 15
-The raft gets free and floats away
-Huck goes after Jim and the raft
-Huck and Jim whoop to each other
-Huck plays a trick on Jim and tells him it was just a dream; Jim hurt, Huck ashamed
Chapter 16
-Looking for Cairo
-Huck climbs onto a boat; men fight, tell ghost stories
-thinks about ratting out Jim
-gets $40 from two men; doesn’t rat out Jim
-lose the canoe
-can’t find Cairo
-raft gets destroyed
-Huck can’t find Jim
Chapter 17
-Huck stumbles into someone’s yard
-people allow him to stay
-Huck likes their company
-Their dead daughter wrote poetry and drew pictures
-Huck wants to write a poem for her
Chapter 18
-Talked about the family
-Buck tries to kill Harney Sheperdson
-Sophia Grangerford has Huck go and get her Testament book
-Huck finds Jim
-Sophia and Harney get married; run off
-Grangerfords and Sheperdsons kill each other
-Huck and Jim leave
Chapter 19
-Hide on another island
-very quiet; peaceful
-run into 2 men who are being chased down
-one man claims he is the Duke of Bridgewater; the other says he is the Dauphin of France
Chapter 20
-get caught in a storm
-Huck, the king, and the duke go to a town
-find a camp meeting; king reveals he was a pirate for 30 years and is going to convert all pirates
-find a reward for Jim; decide to tie him up in the day so that they can travel both days and nights
Chapter 21
-Practice their Shakespeare performance
-go to a town
-a man named Boggs goes on a drunken rampage
-Another man kills Boggs
-Townspeople want to kill the man
Chapter 22
-Mob goes to Sherburn’s house
-Sherburn calls them cowards
-Huck goes to the circus
-drunken man rides horse; takes off 17 suits, turns out to be one of the circus people
-no one goes to the Shakespeare show
-Duke changes up the show
Chapter 23
-king and duke make a new show
-show very crowded
-people hate the show because it’s very short
-perform the show first night and second night; run away on the third so the people can’t hurt them
-Jim tells Huck how his daughter had scarlet fever and it made her deaf
Chapter 24
-dress Jim up as an Arab
-go to another town
-meet a man
-man tells them how he was waiting for another man to arrive
-tells them how the man’s brother just died
-king and the duke pretend to be the man with other people
Chapter 25
-people in town think the king and the duke are the dead man’s brothers
-take them to the daughters
-make a big scene about the dead man; everyone cries
-invite people to dinner
-give all the money to the daughters
-Doctor comes– says they are frauds
-No one believes him
Chapter 26
-Huck stays in a cubby
-tells Joanna about England– she doesn’t believe some of the things he says
-Mary Jane and Susan stand up for Huck
-Huck feels guilty; decides to steal the money back from the king and duke and will hide it from them
Chapter 27
-Huck hides the money in the coffin
-funeral; body buried
-King sells the slaves, breaking up the family
-Girls heartbroken
-King and duke ask Huck if he’s been in their room
-Huck tells them he saw the slaves in there a couple of times
Chapter 28
-Mary Jane upset about the slaves
-Huck tells her everything
-Mary Jane agrees to leave for the day so the frauds can’t leave
-Huck tells other sisters that Mary Jane is visiting a friend
-Actual uncles show up
Chapter 29
-Townspeople try to figure out who the real brothers are
-Ask them questions
-Real brother tells them there is a tattoo on their dead brother’s chest
-Dig up the grave
-Huck makes a run for it
-Finds Jim
-King and duke catch up with them
Chapter 30
-King and duke board the raft
-King shakes Huck
-King and duke fight
-Get drunk and fall asleep
-Huck tells Jim everything
Chapter 31
-the king sells Jim
-Huck takes the raft and the canoe and hides them
-Duke tells Huck Jim’s in Lafayette (he’s really at Silas Phelps’ place)
-Huck goes after Jim
Chapter 32
-Huck goes to the Phelps’ farm
-family finds him; think he is Tom Sawyer
-Huck goes to town to find Tom
Chapter 33
-Tom Sawyer comes to the house
-Kisses his aunt– she is angry
-Tells her he is Sid Sawyer (Tom’s brother)
-Huck and Tom go to town
-King and duke are tarred and feathered
Chapter 34
-Huck and Tom notice that one of the slaves takes vittles to a shed
-Huck and Tom think Jim is there
-Make a plan to help Jim escape
-Slave takes them to Jim
-Slave tells them witches harass him
Chapter 35
-Tom wants to make Jim’s escape very interesting
-Huck thinks Tom is overdoing the escape
-Tom explains how everything will work
-Huck steals knives for escape
Chapter 36
-Huck and Tom dig a hole and get into Jim’s holding place
-Tell Jim about the plan
-Tell Nat (a slave) that to keep the witches away, he must make a witch pie for Jim (boys put things into pie to help Jim escape)
Chapter 37
-Aunt Sally going crazy because everything is disappearing
-Huck and Tom make the pie for Jim
Chapter 38
-Plan how to make Jim’s coat of arms
-Draw inscriptions on rocks
-Tom tells Jim he needs a prison pet like a snake or a rat
-Tom tells him to plant a flower and water it with his tears
Chapter 39
-Rats and snakes get loose in the house
-Aunt Sally in a fit
-Jim unable to sleep with the rodents
-Huck and Tom start scaring the family (pictures in blood, anonymous letters)
Chapter 40
-Huck and Tom start to leave
-Huck is caught
-sees men with guns
-Huck, Tom and Jim run
-Chased after
-Tom gets shot in the calf
-Huck goes to fetch a doctor
Chapter 41
-Huck gets the doctor
-wakes up and sees they are gone– goes looking for them
-Runs into Uncle Silas
-Has dinner with other farmers
-Tom still missing
-Everyone scared
Chapter 42
-Tom is brought home
-Jim locked away
-Tom tells Aunt Sally about setting Jim free
-Aunt Polly comes– tells Aunt Sally Jim is free, and who Tom and Huck really are
Chapter 43
-Jim is freed
-Tom wants to go on Indian territory
-Huck learns his father is dead and he doesn’t need to worry about him trying to steal his money

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