Dust Tracks on the Road Essay

Where does this story take place?
Eatonville, Florida (where Hurston moved to when she was young)
What did Zora Neale do when cars and carriages would pass by her house?
Ask for a ride
What happened when her parents found out?
She got a whipping
Why did Zora Neale’s grandmother think she was being brazen?
She had known and been in slavery, feared Zora’s safety from whites
What does the metaphor in this story mean? (“If the village was a singing chorus, I must have missed the tune.”)
She was different from other people in the community
Why were the whites from the North curious about Zora Neale’s school?
Schools were segregated in the south, so they were curious to see what it was like
What was the palmetto switch used for?
whip used to discipline students
Why was Mr. Calhoun flustered when the two young ladies “just popped in”?
They usually get time to prepare for a visit and make sure the kids are clean
In which grade is Zora Neale?
5th gradd
What were the 5th graders studying?
Greek mythology- story of Pluto and Persephone
What fascinated Zora Neale about the visitors?
Their elegant hands
Why did Zora Neale get to finish reading the entire story?
She did a good job
Why did Zora Neale think she was going to get a whipping?
She was very dirty
What were Zora Neale’s favorite things about school?
Geography and reading (and recess)
Why didn’t she tell the visitors that she really didn’t like school?
She was smart enough to know she would have gotten in trouble for a negative answer, so she she told them what they wanted to hear
Why did Zora Neale refer to one of the woman as Brown Taffeta?
She didn’t know her name, and that’s what she was wearing
Where does Mr. Calhoun tell Zora Neale she is to go the next afternoon?
To a Parkhouse (hotel in Maitland) with Mrs. Johnstone & Hurd
One of the women was wearing a taffeta dress, and Zora Neale wears a gingham dress. What do the two different types of cloth indicate?
Difference of social classes, women were wealthier than Zora
Who escorted Zora Neale to the hotel?
Her big brother John
What is the significance of serving stuffed dates and preserved ginger?
Another representation of upper social class in showing valuable delicacies in many cultures
What gifts did the women give Zora Neale?
One hundred gold new pennies, Episcopal hymn book, white leather and gold cross, copy of Family Robinson, book of fairytslrs
What did Zora Neale receive from the women after they returned to Minnesota?
Box with clothes and books
What did she like best about all the gifts?
The books (Norse Tales)
Why was Zora Neale profoundly moved by the Hercules story?
Connected with it, admired his strength, courage, determination, and self-sacrifice
How did she “meet” Hans Anderson, Robert Louis Stevenson, and Rudyard Kipling?
They were the authors of the books she tead
What does “smote” mean?
To kill someone
What is ironic about Zora Neale reading about David?
Her mother wanted her to read the Bible to discover wages of sin, but she ended up reading about David who never preached of sin, only killed other people

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