Fireside – Poets II Essay

Who wrote “Thanatopsis”
William Bryant
It means “death seeing” or a way of viewing death.
The Themes of this poem was – Don’t be upset about death, live life to the fullest.Everyone dies, maybe even unexpectedly.
SUMMARY – talks about being afraid of death. Then nature(still voice) becomes personified and tells of all the things that come out of death, to ease the thoughts. We all go back to the earth when they die, all die-no matter what class or age they are.
This type of poem is called – Blank verse
Who wrote “Cross of Snow”
Henry Longfellow
“Cross of Snow”
The theme of this poem was – :Even though his wife is long past, he still bears a “cross” with the pain of her loss.
“Cross of Snow”
-SUMMARY of this poem – .He uses the image of a cross on a mountain to describe the feelings of his wife’s death. He sees her portrait in his bedroom. A good life and pure soul was taken by fire. He wears a cross of snow to mourn her for 18 years. His love for her remains changless.
“Cross Snow”
-This type of poem was called a Sonnet – it uses
Symbolism (white soul), sun
“The Tide Rises, The Tide Falls”
The theme of this poem is the recurring cycle of life. The waves are used as a symbol for the life cycle as they rise and fall.
-“The Tide Rises, The Tide Falls”
The mood of this peom was somber; accepting the predictability of life.
-“The Tide Rises, The Tide Falls
-SUMMARY:It paints the picture of an ocean going up and down over the course of a day. Its twilight in the begging when the traveler rushes towards the town. Darkness settles on the ocean. Morning breaks and the traveler never returns.
“The Tide Rises, The Tide Falls
Symbolism:Traveler represents death because he doesn’t return again, to the ocean(life).

Repetition(the tide rises the tide falls). “footsteps on the sands of time” symbolizes mortality, and passing of time. His footprints are washed away, thus he is dead.
Onomatopoeia (curlew calls).Personification of waves.

Who wrote “Snow-Bound:
John Whittier
“Snow-Bound: A Winter Idyll”
TITLE:Even though they’re snowbound,which is a supposedly bad thing, they are having a pleasant time.Its about the time he was a child in a farmhous in Massachusetts and his family would gather in large numbers, stuck because of the snow.
“Snow-Bound: A Winter Idyll”
THEME:Cherish memories, make the best out of difficult situations
“Snow-Bound: A Winter Idyll”
SUMMARY:Cold comes in December. He continues his daily life even with the weather-feeding the animals,etc. All becomes covered in snow, and the world becomes like heaven. After cutting a path thru the snow he imagines a cave. Nature created an adventure.
“Snow-Bound: A Winter Idyll”
-USES: Descriptive imagery,rhyme, metaphor(fireplace, rural life),
symbolism(raging snowstorm suggests impending death, combated through the family’s memories),
allusions(Leaning Tower, Aladin,Egypt’s Amun)
Who wrote “Old Ironsides”
Oliver Wendell Holmes
“Old Ironsides”
Was the nickname for the USS Constitution that fought during the War of 1812 . He wrote this as a protest to prevent its scrapping and it was made into a monument.
Old Ironsides”
Theme of this poem: Change that which is important to history; Honor the past
Old Ironsides”
-SUMMARY: It begins saying to destroy- and it makes the ships sound majestic, and the sea would be empty without it. The ship used to have heros on it, and it was majestic, but it would no longer be able to happen. The ocean should be her grave,
Old Ironsides”
Irony-He says go ahead and ruin the ship,but look at all its done.
Allusion(harpies or robbers from greek mythology).
Symbolism-eagle symbolizes patriotism.
Who was inspired by “Lyrical Ballads”
William Bryant
William Bryant
-important to his poetry was the geography of his surroundings – His father was a doctor, his mother came from clergymen; christian piety was united with science Massachusetts(supported abolition) –
Henry Longfellow
The most poular and well know of the Fireside Poets – He wrote “Cross of Snow” And “The Tide Rises,the Tide Falls”
His 1st wife died of miscarriage. 2nd wife,Frances Appleton, died in fire.This caused him to devote himself to religious/literary zeal.
John Whittier
He wrote wrote “Snow-Bound:A Winter Idyll” – -born into Quaker family so had little schooling – -was a newspaper edittor because of Garrison, he also worked for abolition – Elected state legislature until civil war – -much political writing,also Salem trials,incidents of rural life, colonial history, humanitarian ideals of justice,faith,tolerance
Oliver Holmes
He wrote “Old Ironsides” – -He became a proffesor at Dartmouth – -one of the founders of Atlantic Monthly Magazine – – He graduated from Harvard, but didn’t like law-there he saw them try to destroy the “constitution” ship – -his poetry was light,maybe comic, commented on social/intellectual shortcomings
James Lowell
He wrote Stanzas on Freedom – The Courtin & The First Snowfall – -came from aristocratic/conservative family – grad from Harvard, wife Maria, supported his literature – -edititorial on a antislavery publication;fought antislavery and industrialism – -devasted after Maria died,published nothing for 10 yrs and began teaching.
Fireside poets
These poets wrote about :
Freedom – Nature – Moral & Life Lessons
Author of:
Stanzas on Freedom
The Courtin
The First SNowfall
a type of figurative language in which a nonhuman subject is given human characteristics – example “cheerless sun”
a narrative song with a recurrent refrain
a verse form consisting of 14 lines with a fixed rhyme scheme
Author of:
The Tide That Rises – The Tide that Falls
Psalm of Life
Childrens Hour
Cross of Snow
Author of:
The Ballad of the Ostyerman
My Aunt
A parody on a Psalm of Life
liturature that pokes fun of other literature
two consecutive lines of poetry that rhyme
A stanza or group of four lines of poetry
a short poem consisting of five, usually unrhymed lines .
a unit of two or more lines arranged in a pattern or rhythm and rhyme
the overall emotion created by a work of literature
the regular pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables that can establish the rhythm of a poem
Blank Verse
unrhymed verse

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