health summary Essay

define health
physical, mental, and social well being
list steps to promote physical health
get enough sleep, eat nutritious food and drink water
what is the continuum? describe the continuum end points
the health continuum is a sliding scale that allows you to assess your health status.
what does heredity mean
heredity is all the traits biologically passed on to you by your parents
define environment. identity three types of environment
environment is all the things that surround includes the physical and social environments. culture is also part of the social environment
list two ways that media and technology may influence your health
celebrities or other media figures may be role models that you want to emulate,media creates a set of norms for how people behave, the Internet may provide incorrect health information.
define the term risk behavior
risk behavior is any action that can potentially threaten your health or the health of others
why is cumulative risk a serious concern
the likelihood of negative outcomes increases as the number of risk factors increases
how might changes in lifestyle factors influence your health in positive ways
positive changes in lifestyles factors can lead to high level of wellness and a healthier longer lifea
why is health education important
health education provides information about health so people can make responsibly health related decisions it helps people maintain a high quality of life and can reduce national health care costs
what are health disparities
health disparities are differences in health outcomes among people
list three criteria that are needed for an individual to make sound health decisions
know where to find health info decide if info is correct. figure out the risks and benefits of treatment.figure out when and how to take medications safely understand test results
what is an addictive drug? what is the addictive drug in tobacco
a substance that causes physiological or psychological dependence nicotine
list three types of toxic substances found in cigarette smoke, why are these substances harmful
nicotine, tar, carbon monoxide, nicotine causes addiction tar causes such diseases as emphysema and mung cancer ,carbon monoxjide deprives the body of oxygen
explain four ways using tobacco immediately affects yourbody
any four, brainchemistry changes ,respiration and heart rates increase taste buds are dulled appetite is reduced users have bad breath, yellowed teeth and smelly clothes
what are four reasons that smoking among teens is ona downward trend
anti tobacco messages expense no smoking policies positive peer pressure
list three reasons that you might use to convince a friend to quit using tobacco products
cost,health problems, hard to buy
why might some people use nicotine substitutes whenquitting smoking
a nicotine substitute delivers small amounts of nicotine into the user system while the user is trying to quit a tobacco habit
define health skills
tools/strategies used to maintain, protect, and improve all aspects of your health
give interpersonal skills that can reduce your health risk
use I messages, communicate with respect and care, be an active listener
any action that influences others to address a health related concern or support a health related belief
How can decision-making skills improve your health
They let you make responsible health decisions to protect you from harmful and unhelthfull behavior
Why would you set a health
They provide a direction for improving or maintaining your health
If a short-term and long-term goal related to improving physical fitness
Short-term goals may include walking 20 minutes a day or running a mile a week long term goals may include entering a race
How to consumer advocates help you be a better health consumer
a test products for safety and keep an eye out for health fraud
Define malpractice
The failure of a health professional to meet an excepted standard
Define health fraud
The sale of worthless products or services that claim to prevent disease or cure other health problems
Define a sexually transmitted disease
An infection spread from person-to-person through sexual contact
Name common STDs
Dental HPV, infections, chlamydia, genital herpes, gonorrhea, syphilis, trichomoniasis
In the US how many people are infected with an STD
19 million people
What is the only effective method for preventing the spread of STDs
Practicing abstinence
High-risk behaviors that can lead to contracting STD
Sexual activity with more than one person, unprotected sex, sexual activity with high-risk partners, using alcohol and other drugs
What is the HPV vaccine
The vaccine preventing infection by four types of human papilloma virusses and Therefore prevents cervical cancer and genital warts
How does HIV affects the human immune system
It Invades and destroys white blood cells so that the immune system is weekend
How can you protect yourself from HIV and AIDS
Practice abstinence
Why do anti-bodies failed to protect people from HIV
Hey after the sound too quickly for the antibodies to destroy them, Anti-bodies work in the bloodstream not in cells, HIV mutates antibodies so they are not recognize
How is HIV detected
EIA and Western blot test and RNA test detects the virus
What test confirms a diagnosis of HIV
Western blot
And HIV or AIDS home testing kit may not be trustworthy instead to make sure the results are accurate you should
Make sure it is approved by the FDA and requires a spot of dried blood to be mailed and approved to a lab for analysis
What’s the difference between physical activity exercise
Exercise is purposeful physical activity that is planed, Physical activity is any form of movement that causes the body to use energy
Name three body systems that benefit from regular physical activity
Cardiovascular respiratory and Muscular skeleton
Identify diseases associated with a sedentary lifestyle
Cardiovascular disease and type II diabetes
List personal factors affecting your choice of physical activities
Costs, where you live, schedule, fitness level, overall health, and personal safety
what are the four principles of building fitness
specificity, Overload progression and regularity
Benefits of warming up before exercise cooling down after
Reduces strain on the heart and prevent muscle soreness
What’s the purpose of health screening how can it prevent injury
It identifies diseases and disorders that could make participating in activity Unsafe
How should frostbite be treated but can you do to prevent it
Thaw the area in Warm water, it can be prevented by wearing the appropriate Cold weather clothes
Symptoms of heat exhaustion
Heavy sweating dizziness week and rapid pulse
Health problems that good nutrition helps avoid
Unhealthy weight gain type two diabetes cardiovascular disease stroke certain cancers osteoporosis
The difference between hunger and appetite
Hunger is the physical drive, Appetite is the desire
Emotions that influence eating
Strasse loneliness boredom
What nutrients can your body use as sources of energy
Carbohydrates proteins and fats
What are you essential amino acids from what source do you obtain essential amino acids
Amino acids Must be acquired from food they are found in animal sources and in soy
How does eating calcium rich foods as a team protect your life long health
It builds up Bone mass and reduces risk of osteoporosis
List the basic food group
Grains festival spilt milk and protein
What foods are best to avoid or limit
Foods high in fat especially saturated and trans salt and Added sugars
Nutrients Dense food
Low-fat milk steamed vegetables
What does light mean when used on food label
If it contains 1/3 fewer calories 1/2 the sodium 1/2 the fat of the original version
The difference between Salbide date and use by
sell by is the last day a store can sell the product used by is the last day the product quality can be guaranteed
Another term for foodborne illness
Food poisoning
Define cardiovascular disease
The disease affecting the heart or blood vessels
What’s can happen if hypertension continues over a long period
It damages the heart, blood vessels and Other organs
What’s a stroke
And acute injury in which bloodflow to the brain and interrupted
What is metastasis
The spread of cancer from the point where it originated to other parts of the body
Methods for early cancer detection
Self-examination and medical examination
t cancer treatment Options
Surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, hormone therapy
What are histamines what role do they play in allergy
Chemicals that stimulate mucus and fluid production because sneezing itchy eyes my nose and other allergy symptoms
Strategies for managing asthma
Monitor the condition manage the environment manage stress take medication properly
Two main forms Of arthritis
osteoarthritis and rheumatoid Arthritis
Define perception
The act of becoming aware through the senses
Three contrition stressors for teens
Poor self-esteem personal appearance not fitting in
Two body systems involved in stress response
nervous And endocrine
Chronic stress
Stress associated with long-term problems that are beyond a persons control
Strategies to avoid or limit stress
Refusal skills plan ahead think positively avoid tobacco alcohol and other drug
Relaxation technique
Deep breathing thinking pleasant thoughts stretching taking a warm bath getting a massage laughing
Stages of grief
Denial, Emotional release, Anger, bargoning, Depressed, remorse, acceptance, hope
Define coping
Successfully dealing with changes
tramatic event example
Accident violent assault, suicides natural disaster
What body systems are harmed by Marijuana
Respiratory immune nervous reproductive
Define inhalant
Substances whose fumes arsonist on heels to get a mind altering effect
Why do steroids usually resulting in injury
The tendons and ligaments do not get stronger when the muscles do
What body system do psychoactive drugs act
Central nervous
Four types of drugs
Stimulants examples are cocaine, Depressant Example GHB, Opiate example morphine, Hallucinogen example PCP
Defined opiate
Drugs derived from opium plants that are of attainable only by prescription and used to relieve pain
How do decision-making skills improve your health
Decision-making skills let you make responsible decisions to protect from harmful and unhelpful behavior
Why Spent on health goal
They provide direction for improving your health
Short-term goal and long-term goal related to improving fitness example
Short term walk 20 minutes a day long term enter a race
Steps in the chain of survival
Call 911 CPR defibrillation advanced care
Basic cycle of CPR
To rescue breaths 30 chest compression
Universal sign for choking
clutching throat
First steps for responding to an emergency
CCC check call care
Types of open wounds
Abrasions lacerations punctures Avulsion
Procedure for Treat a minor burn
Cool with Coldwater cover with sterile bandage pain reliever
Symptoms of fracture dislocation
Pain swelling bruising and inability to move affected body part
What’s recovery position wise it safe for unconscious people
Protects airway
The first step Of suspected poisoning
Call poisoned
Explain 30/30 rule
Get inside it’s thundering sounds 30 seconds after lightening stay inside 30 minutes after last thunderclap
Warning signs of tornadoes
Darkened or green sky large hail low lying rotating cloud loud roar like a freight train
What should you do if you’re in a car during an earthquake
Stay inside and stop car
Define communicable
Something that’s friend from person-to-person or through environment
Ways communicable diseases are spread through indirect contact
Contaminated objects vector and contaminated food and water
How’s viruses different Then bacteria
a virus is genetic material surrounded by a protein coat bacteria are single celled microorganisms that live everywhere on earth almost
How is common cold Different then fle
The fle is higher fever and fatigue more serious symptoms
Ways to prevent a respiratory infect
Avoid close contact with sick wash your hands avoid touching your face
Can hepatitis Be treated with antibiotics
No it’s a virus
Hi intoxication what influences how fast the person gets Intoxicated
The state which the body is poisoned by alcohol or another substances mental and physical control is reduced factors include body size gender food rate of intake amount and medicine
How alcohol acts as a depressant on the central nervous system
Slows reaction time impairs vision diminishes clear thinking and good judgment
Defined binge drinking and effects of it
drinking five or more alcoholic drinks in one sitting impaired physical and mental abilities alcohol poisoning
Define alcohol abuse how are teens affected by this in their family
Excessive use of alcohol they may experience neglect abuse social isolation economic hardships personal use of alcohol mental illness or physical problems
Difference between alcohol abuse and alcoholism
Alcohol abuse is the excessive use of alcohol, alcoholism is a disease with the person has a physical or psychological dependence on drinks that contain alcohol
I teens at risk of alcohol dependence
Yes team to drink are more likely to develop alcohol dependence than someone who waits until adulthood

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