History of Rock & Roll Quiz #2

The British Invasion
British resurrected the music we ignored

“Teddy Boys” were the English version of James dean style

Skiffle Music
-Tame brand of pop folk music & trad. Jazz (taken from New Orleans style

Popular in the mid 50’s England

King of Skiffle
Lonnie Donegan
Beatles: Early Period
-Pop Style
-Love songs
-Driving Beat/Up tempo
Music from Beatles Early period
“Please Please Me”
“Twist & Shout” (Both written by Lennon)
“All My Loving” (Paul McCartney)
Beatles Early Period Albums (4)
1) Please Please Me
2) With the Beatles
3) Hard Days Night
4) Beatles for Sale
Beatles Middle Period Music
“You’ve got to Hide Your love Away”

First time they brought outside musicians to play instruments that they couldn’t

“We can work it out” Profits split 30%-70% between McCartney and Lennon

Beatles Late Period
– Use of studio techniques
– music more individualized
– artistic composition
– added instrumentation
– Drug influences
– “The White Album” is ironically the least collaborative album they made
– 7 albums were released during this period
John Mayall & the Blues Breakers
Known as the elder statesman of British Blues

Player’s in the band overshadowed Mayall’s abilities

Adequate singer with multi-instrumental talent

The Yardbirds
-Began as an R&B blues cover band
– Starting point for Clapton, Beck, & Jimmy Page
– Pioneers of psychedelic music
– Known for ad hoc jams (raves)
mix of R&B with extended guitar/harmonica passages. Blues with a fierce drive to the music
The Animals (Eric Burton)
2nd only to the Rolling Stones in influence among R&B based bands

“House of the rising Sun”

Facts about the Beatles
– Lennon & McCartney composed many songs for other performers

– Many “firsts” happened in the Beatles studio

-George Martin is referred to as the Fifth Beatle

Them (Van Morrison)
-Led by Van & ranked as one of the best British Invasion bands

– Considered the most critically acclaimed pop music songwriter of the 60’s

Composer of the rock classic “Gloria”

The Kinks
– The most staunchly English group of them all

-Known as the precursors of heavy metal & punk rock

– Later known as “power chord” playing

The Rolling Stones
Worlds greatest rock & roll band

Portrayed a vulgar look (no uniforms)

Considered the dangerous alternative to Beatles

Jagger & Keith Richards are core group

Rougher & sexier than Beatles

Andrew Oldham
Rolling Stones tour manager
Mick Jagger
His drawl was similar to blues singer Howlin’ Wolf

Attracted to rough eloquent directness of black music

He is a white singing black songs and flaunted it

Almost entirely attributed to one person: Berry Gordy

R&B music that passed for black & white in sound

Perfected a gospel-pop fusion

Motown Formula:
– Repeated use of a catchy hook phrase
– Repititon of melodic hooks resulted in familiarity to mass public
-Produced the “sound of young America”
The Funk Brothers
Studio musicians who shaped the Motown sound

Played on more #1 hits than Beatles, Rolling Stones & Elvis combined

Documented in movie “Standing in the Shadows of Mowtown”

Leading writing team of Motown
Smokey Robinson & the Miracles
-Known for Robinson’s falsetto voice
-Ballads became the Miracle’s forte
Marvin Gaye
one of Motowns most enigmatic and consistent acts

career broken into 2 parts

1: Worked with Motown production staff, found med. tempo shouters successful

-Became composer himself.
-liberated from Gordy’s studio system
-Pensive and introspective style
-returned to erotic love songs
-Shot by father in 1984

The Temptations
-finest vocal group of the 60’s SOUL MUSIC
-closest to church & gospel roots
Diana Roos & the Supremes
-one of most important female rock groups in history
-the Supreme’s music is the purist expression of the Motown sound
The Jackson 5
-Motown’s last great act
-Fronted by Michael jackson
-he danced like a mini James Brown
-transcended all ages & races
Rare Earth
-Mowtown’s premeir white rock and soul band
-M-town’s experimental assault on rock market
-Labeled “blue eyed soul”
Stevie Wonder
-Most successful artist of Mowtown
-1st big hit was “fingertips” (age 12)
-had first live recording to hit #1 in charts
-13 million dollar, 120 page contract made history
Bob Dylan
-Most important American contrib. to rock
-1st poet in mass media
– 2 periods (acoustic & electric)
-Dylan shows that folk IS rock
-His music was fusion of country, blues, folk, R&R, and poetry
Bob Dylan Acoustic Period
First album: Times they are A-Changin
His most over protest album (youth anthem)
gives a feeling of “dust bowl” era
-Grapes of Wrath
Bob Dylan Electric Period
-Illustrates wit
-catalyst for drug culture & Vietnam war
-Set the scene for Folk Rock
-“like a rolling stone” considered his best work
“Subterranean Homesick Blues”
-Bob Dylan’s first top 40 hit
-Possible references to Chuck Berry, Kerouac, and Guthrie
The Byrds
-Group that synthesized Dylan & Beatles
-Mr. Tambourine Man was first folk rock hit in rock history
-Beatles “Ticket to ride” inspired the sound
Byrds: “8 miles high”
considered the first drug tune. Led to acid rock.

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