HU 2130 Exam 1 Essay

Encomium of Helen
On Oratory
Institutes of Oratory
On Christian Doctrine
Canon of Medicine
Ibn Sina
Poetria Nova
Geoffrey of Vinsauf
Principles of Letter Writing
Letter…Defense of the Liberal Instruction of Women
Laura Cereta
The Form of Preaching
Robert of Basevorn
Women’s Speaking Justified, Proved, and Allowed By Scriptures
Margaret Fell
Encomium of Helen Summary
Argues for the totalizing power of language
Gorgias excuses Helen for succumbing to Paris if he persuaded her
Compares speech to magic and drugs, and characterizes it as deceitful
Antidosis Summary
Giving a long defense- fictional trial on a capital charge
Isocrates is charged the same as Socrates- “corrupt young men by teaching them to speak”
Misuse of oratorical ability is the fault of the orator, not of oratory
Rhetoric Summary
Defines rhetoric as the counterpart of dialectic
3 types of speech: political, ceremonial, or legal oratory
3 methods: logos, pathos, ethos
Considers ethical and pathetic appeals together
the strongest argument
“the body of proof”
On Oratory Summary
Nostalgic address to brother Quintus
Expounding his view of rhetoric by relaying a conversation that supposedly happened at a villa
Said great orators were rare because they required mastery of so much knowledge and not celebrated much
Oratory was greater in the time of the Greeks
Institutes of Oratory Summary
Treats the earliest stages of the orator’s education
Good school provides better education than home schooling
Grammar is the first course of study
Next level of education- grammarian to the rhetorician
Should learn that oratory should move its hearers toward the good
Reading and writing is important to the development of rhetorical powers
Necessary for the orator to be a good man
On Christian Doctrine Summary
How to teach the truth discovered in the Bible
Discusses the relationship between Christian truth and eloquence
Small things in a subdued style, moderate things in a temperate style, great things in a grand style
God’s truth ultimately belongs to God, no the speaker
Canon of Medicine Summary
Principles of Letter Writing Summary
Five parts to a letter
-Securing of Goodwill
Poetria Nova Summary
Letter…Defense of the Liberal Instruction of Women Summary
The Form of Preaching Summary
Gives his rhetoric of preaching a somewhat dialectical cast
Defends the study of an “artistic” method of preaching as necessary to teaching
Goes on to define preaching and the character of the preacher
Can use verbal embellishments
Must know how to teach, please, and move
Lists 22 ornaments (equipment) that a well composed sermon should have
Women’s Speaking Justified, Proved, and Allowed by the Scriptures Summary

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