Lone Survivor Essay

Lone Survivor is written by
Marcus Luttrell
Who did he write the book in memory of
Axe, Danny, Mike
Navy Seals consider themselves what
Who was Marcus`s best friend
Mike Murphy
What is Afghanistans main River
Helmana River
Where does Marcus live
In a small Ranch near Houston
What is Marcus twin brother name
Where was Marcus born
Houston in 1975
How does Marcus describe the Taliban
evil,murderous, religious fanatics with AK-47 and blood lust
What is the Philosophy of the Navy Seals
I will not Quit
When did Marcus join the Seals
March 1999
Motto of the US Navy
Honor, Courage, Commitment
signaling to a ship with a flag
When were the NAvy Seals formed
When did Marcus receive his Navy Seal Trident
peaceful goat herders
What profession does marcus want to be
Who is Ben Sharmak
Operation Redwing`s main objective
Who is Sarawa
the villages doctor that saved Marcus
What is Lohkay
when the population of a village will fight to the death to protect the individual they invited in
Who is Norzamund
Marcus`s Guard
Who is Mohammad Gulab
The Village police chief
What happened on June 28th
the whole team died except Marcus
How many pounds did Marcus lose while on the mission
30 pounds
How long did it take for marcus to be rescued
6 days army rangers found him
Which body was not found
When did Marcus receive the NAvy Cross
July 2006
When did Marcus join the Navy

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