Miracle At Philadelphia Essay

In my opinion, some of the delegates left the convention because they were afraid of losing favor with the public should word get out that the convention was restructuring the government.
Many of the delegates gave excuses for leaving the meeting. In your opinion, why did some delegates leave the convention?
The word “national” was removed from the Constitution because the delegates feared the public would reject a constitution for a “national” government that seemed overbearing and too powerful. The delegates feared the word “national” would conjure up images of British rule.
The word “national” was taken out of the final version of the Constitution – why?
Benjamin Franklin issued a misleading statement to a Pennsylvania newspaper concerning the Convention because he was first of all inherently sanguine and secondly, he wanted the public to believe the Convention was making great progress with ease. No one wanted public concern or strife, and they certainly didn’t want investigations into their creating a national government.
Why did Benjamin Franklin issue a statement to a Pennsylvania newspaper which was
quite deceptive concerning the meeting. Why would he want to mislead the public?
The Convention voted to adjourn for ten days because a “Committee of Detail” was assembled to “set their resolves, suggestions, amendments, and propositions into workable arrangement.” The committee was given eleven days to essentially write a rough draft of the Constitution, and in the mean time, the Convention would adjourn. (They really just needed a break)
Why did the convention vote to adjourn for ten days?
The slavery compromise was when “the Northern states agreed that Congress should not pass any navigation law by mere majority, but must have a two-thirds vote of each house; agreed also that the import tax on slaves would not exceed ten dollars a head; that slaves would be counted, for purpose of representation and taxes, in the proportion of five slaves to three free white inhabitants — the “federal ratio.”
What was the slavery compromise?
The delegates believed the capital of the United States should be in a city outside of state government because if it was in the same city with a state government, “jurisdictional disputes might arise” and “it would give a provincial tincture to the national deliberations.”
Why did the delegates believe the capitol of the United States should be in a city outside of state government?
The Preamble to the Constitution was written last because in a way it’s a summary of everything in the Constitution. The delegates needed to first determine what exactly they wanted to accomplish. The preamble tells everyone why they wanted to create a national government. — It is the introductory paragraph
Explain why the Preamble was written last.
It was argued that the states should ratify the Constitution rather than the people because many believed the Constitution would be more likely to be ratified (and in much less time) than if “thirteen separate conventions” had to be held. — “They were afraid of the wild ideas of the people.” There was also the mindset of every state has a vote.
What was the argument for why states should ratify the Constitution rather than the people.
The delegates thought it was unnecessary to to add a Bill of Rights because “the state declarations were sufficient; after all, they were not repealed by the Constitution” and many believed that people’s rights were already covered sufficiently in the Constitution — Article V: the people are protected by the right of habeas corpus — every state constitution had a bill of rights — social contract – a contract between the people and the govt. – worrying about t breaking laws is a state issue
Why did the delegates think it was unnecessary to add a Bill of Rights?
Some delegates (like Elbridge Gerry) did not want to sign the Constitution because it did not include a bill of rights.
Why did some delegates did not want to sign the Constitution?
I think Benjamin Franklin never revealed which parts of the Constitution he disagreed with because as he stated himself, there was no way for him to know whether or not the things he saw a errors were actually errors. He said, “the older I grow, the more apt I am to doubt my own judgement, and to pay more respect to the judgement of others.” He knew he was an influential man and he didn’t want to influence it too much. — he didn’t like that the president had so much power and that the constitution didn’t outlaw slavery
Why do you think Benjamin Franklin never revealed which parts of the Constitution he disagreed with?
Benjamin Franklin said the painting was of a rising sun because as he looked at it as the last of the delegates signed the Constitution, he regarded it as a sign of hope and a new beginning for the nation.
In the room where the delegates met, there was a painting of a sun. Artists had been unable to determine if it was a rising sun or a setting sun. Why did Benjamin Franklin say it was a rising sun?
“The Constitution had no bill of rights.” “In the House of Representatives there was only the shadow of representation, not the substance.” “The President had no council; the office of Vice President was unnecessary and dangerous.” It was an illegal and closed meeting. It allowed congress to tax people. Many thought the President was too powerful and had no council.
List three criticisms of the Constitution
It was required that Virginia and New York ratify the Constitution before it became effective because they were the largest and most populated states in the union and therefore their decisions would affect the ratification decisions of other states like North Carolina and Rhode Island. — Virginia was the largest population wise and New York was the economic center
Why was it required that Virginia and New York ratify the Constitution in order for it to become effective?
Because the meeting had become illegal
the rule was illegal and treasonous
they did not want to make a public panic
Why did they need a secrecy rule?
they said no because it took away state power
Should the US govt. be “national”? – Did this imply too much power?
The original reason for the Philadelphia Convention was formally to “revise the ineffectual Articles of the Confederation,” but informally to write a new constitution.
Explain the original reason for the meeting in Philadelphia in the summer of 1787.
There wasn’t a cap on the number of delegates to the Philadelphia Convention because it was difficult for all delegates to make it to any one meeting because of expenses and traveling difficulties so setting a cap would have impeded productivity further. Congress was weak so if there was a rule, they couldn’t enforce it anyway. Each state only got one vote anyway.
Explain why there was no limit on the number of delegates which could be sent to the convention from each state.
The main point of Randolph’s proposal was a completely new system of government with an executive branch, judiciary branch, and a two-house legislative branch (which would later become the House of Representatives and the Senate). He wanted representation by population!! (the Virginia Plan)
Edmund Randolph was a delegate from the state of Virginia. What was the main point of Randolph’s proposal?
The first major point of disagreement at the convention was Randolph’s proposal of “a national government consisting of a supreme legislative, executive, and judicial.”
2) They didn’t know what to call the government, national or federal.
3) The ONLY thing they agreed on was that they wanted a democracy!
By May 30, 1787, the first major point of disagreement was introduced into the convention. What was this disagreement about?
Some delegates objected to the Virginia Plan because it proposed that votes should be apportioned in Congress based on the proportions of the state. Larger states were satisfied with this proposal (due to their naturally larger population count), however, smaller states felt it was unfair because their votes would no longer carry equal weight.
Why did some delegates object to the Virginia Plan?
The New Jersey Plan was the opposite of the Virginia Plan. Due to its small size, the New Jersey Plan suggested a single-house legislature with representation from each state equal across the board, rather than proportional to the population size of the state. The New Jersey Plan was designed with states rights as a priority with the main goal to revise the Articles of the Confederation, whereas the Virginia Plan suggested a national government which would have been far more controversial.
What was the New Jersey Plan?
The Great Debate was “the prime question before which the Convention stood embattled: How was America to be represented in Congress — by population or equally, state to state.”
What was the Great Debate about?

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