New Year’s Dawn—Broadway

When the horns wear thin

And the noise, like a garment outworn,

Falls from the night,

The tattered and shivering night,

That thinks she is gay;

When the patient silence comes back,

And retires,

And returns,

Rebuffed by a ribald song,

Wounded by vehement cries,

Fleeing again to the stars—

Ashamed of her sister the night;

Oh, then they steal home,

The blinded, the pitiful ones

With their gew-gaws still in their hands,

Reeling with odorous breath

And thick, coarse words on their tongues.

They get them to bed, somehow,

And sleep the forgiving,

Comes thru the scattering tumult

And closes their eyes.

The stars sink down ashamed

And the dawn awakes,

Like a youth who steals from a brothel,

Dizzy and sick.

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