Night Chapter 4

How did the new camp appear to Elie?
It appeared deserted and dead.
As part of their medical examinations, prisoners were examined by a dentist. What was he looking for?
Gold teeth.
After Several days Elie and his father were assigned to a

work detail, What were they suppose to do?
They had to sort electrical parts. Not very dangerous compared to the other jobs. menial and repetitive.
What potential problems were in this job?
The Kapo, Idek, was unstable.
Why was Elie called to the dentist?
He had a gold tooth.
How did Elie avoid having his tooth pulled?
He said he was sick. The dentist was most likely a prisoner himself, and said that it was okay to come back within a week or so.
What was Elie so please about sating his gold crown?
He could trade it for food or his life later on.
What finally happened to the dentist and why?
He was imprisoned for dealing in gold teeth.
What happened to Elie one day at the factory?
He was beaten by Idek.
Who cleaned the blood from Elie and soothed him with kind words?
A french women.
What was unusual about the girl that comforted Elie?
She spook perfect German, even though she had never said anything before.
What else did Idek do to the Wiesel’s?
He beat Elie’s father.
How did Elie respond to Ideks’ behavior?
He was mad at his father not Idek.
What did Franek, the Polish foreman, want from Elie? How did Elie react?
He wanted Elie’s gold tooth, but Elie denied him.
How did the foreman get revenge on Elie and his father for not giving up his gold tooth?
He tormented Elie’s father for marching out of step.
How did Elie try to stop the beatings?
He tried to teach his father how to march properly, even though the other inmates laughed. He was not successful in him pursuit.
What did Elie finally do; what was the irony of what happened?
He gave up his gold crown, and was treated kindly by Franek afterward. When Franek transfered he was no longer able to reap the rewards of giving up the only thing of value that he possessed.
Was it surprising that the Kapos were so cruel considering that they were prisoners?
It is not surprising at all. When your in a concentration camp your only focus is keeping yourself alive. If beating other people who share your faith is going to get you more to eat and better chance of survival, then you would take it.
How did Idek punish Elie for spying on him?
Idek put Elie on a crate and whipped him.
Why did Elie’s unit have to go to the warehouse even though they were not required to?
He wanted to fornicate with a Jewish girl.
Why was a prisoner shot during the air raid?
He tried to steal soup.
One day, the prisoners were told that soup would not be distributed until after roll call.
They were executing inmates in front of the camp.
What other public execution does Wiesel write about?
2 men and a boy were executed by hanging for allegedly sabataging an electric plant, possessing weapons and refusing to talk about it.
Why was this execution particularly cruel?
Th executed a child whose wait was not enough to kill him when he was hanged. He lived for a while longer and struggled.

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