world history chapter 5

List the reasons Rome was successful in conquering Italy.
good diplomats
What is the law of Nations?
a body of law
where did Rome’s army suffer their first great defeat?
the battle of Cannae
What people and what land did Rome fight for during the first Punic War
carthaginians, sicily
The praetor was in charge of what?
civil laws
define republic
A form of government in which the leader is not a king and certain citizens have the right to vote
What group of people could be in the Senate and how many senators were there?
300 patricians
The early development of the city of Rome was most influenced by what group of people?
What was one of Rome’s greatest gifts to later generations?
What mountain range runs down the center of Italy?
Apennine Mountains
Who were the plebeians?
smaller landowning farmers, craftspeople and merchants
What is latifundia
large land estates
How did Nero die?
he committed suicide
By the end of the second century who controlled the Roman state?
the senate
Who was the first dictator of Rome?
Define Pax romana
time of peace and prosperity
Which emperors made up the first triumvirate?
Crassus, Pompey, Julius Caesar
At the height of Rome’s power it had a population of how many?
50 million
How did the emperor keep the poor people pacified?
he would hand out grain and provide entertainment
Who committed suicide after being defeated by Octavian?
Anthony and Cleopatra
How did Rome feel about women owning property?
Only upperclass women could inherit, own, and sell it
Roman adopted their style of art from whom?
the greeks
What era of Rome was called the Golden age of Latin literature?
the age of augustus
Who was horace?
A poet who wrote satires
What happened to the paterfamilias over the course of Roman history?
they died out
What is an insulae?
Apartment blocks
What roman emperor adopted Christianity as Rome’s official religion?
Theodosius the Great
What did Augustus do to try to revive the Rome state religion?
He tried to revive religious ceremonies and festivals
Who was the Jewish teacher that traveled and preached in Judea and Galilee?
What was the Edict of Milan?
It sanctioned the tolerance of Christianity
Who was the first Christian emperor?
Who was Sadducees?
A jewish leader who favored cooperation with the Romans
Diocletian and Constantine’s social and economic policies were based on what?
coercion and control
What did Constantine call Constantinople?
New rome
What did Diocletian do to Rome because of the size it had grown?
broke it up into 4 sections
Who were the first invaders to sack rome?
What did the political and military reforms of Diocletian and Constantine do to Rome?
Enhanced the army but drained the economy

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