рат: Macbeth Women Are Evil Essay Research Paper

Macbeth: Women Are Evil Essay, Research Paper

I found the discussion of how women are the more evil part of the two sexes very true. The story of Adam and Eve is an example of how women are the more evil part of the two sexes. Eve offered the forbidden fruit to Adam and therefore they got kicked out of Garden of Eden. Adam did not want to take the forbidden fruit but Eve was evil and more daring because there were two people to commit the sin. If Adam did not exist and Eve was by herself, she probably would not have taken the forbidden fruit. Eve might have thought about taking the forbidden fruit but would probably be too afraid to actually take action. The reason for this is that if God were to yell at the two, God would probably yell at Adam first then Eve so Eve would not really be afraid because the punishments would be more severe on Adam (not stating the fact that God knows everything). Women are always known to be gentle and fearful so if there were two people that committed a sin, the male would be questioned first. The plot of Macbeth is very similar to the plot of Adam and Eve. Macbeth and his spouse also wanted to commit a sin. They wanted to kill the king to gain the crown for Macbeth and the position of a queen for Lady Macbeth. Lady Macbeth wanted this more than Macbeth because she wanted to be queen very badly. Her ambition drove her to do this and she pressured Macbeth into helping her with this evil deed. She did not have a close relationship with the king like Macbeth but the only reason she had a bit of a hesitation when coming to kill the king was the fact that the king looked like her father. She took advantage of the environment, meaning that Macbeth was well respected and very close to being king. She also took the advantage of her being a woman. She knew that no one would expect her to be a murderer because women are not seen to be violent but gentle. The evilness and the thought of murder were not created by Macbeth but actually by Lady Macbeth. She was not really as scared as Macbeth because she knew that she did not have to actually murder the king but just plan it out. Lady Macbeth is the more evil part of the two sexes because she was greedy and wanted to be queen. She convinced Macbeth to murder the king but realistically, if Lady Macbeth did not exist, Macbeth would not have done it. This is why the two stories are similar. If the women in either of the stories did not exist, no sins would have been committed. I do not think that there is a specific reason why women act this way, maybe its natural, but the fact is that they know that the males would cover up for them in any physical actions. Females would be more involved in verbal arguments than physical; they would leave that for the males. For what I have seen, I have noticed that the female in a marriage is pickier than the male. The husband in a marriage would be a more carefree. The wife would be a harder to please and would think more negatively than her husband. I think this balances out because if you have two people that are both hard to please, then the relationship would not work out because neither of the two would be care about others before they care about themselves. Also, if you have two people that are carefree and do not look at the negative side of life, the relationship would not work out because there must be a person in a relationship that points out the negative sides of life to solve problems. Basically, in any relationship, the way it begins is two opposites attract. If you have two negatives, which are two people being picky about everything, they would not attract. Also, if you have two positives, two people that care less about the world, they also would not attract. You need a negative, one would thinks of about the negative side of things, and a positive, one that goes with whatever the negative says to him and cares less about the world.


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